Name change

2017-11-11 00:46:16 by EnterPrize

Hey, ya'll. EnterPrize is dead. I release under dstnc (distance) and probablyawake now. Enjoy the new, way better stuff. 


2014-09-08 03:09:35 by EnterPrize

Hello, everyone. I have to tell you a secret...


Don't eat your sandals. You're supposed to wear them. (y)

Take a listen.

2013-11-09 02:31:55 by EnterPrize

I make sounds.

Songs on iTunes

2013-03-23 14:57:57 by EnterPrize

So before I was just making music hoping I would be discovered but making it for the fun of it. Then I found someone. He wanted remixes so I made them. I liked them but he loved them. He took them right away. Now they are on iTunes! Check them out!
Ruffi0 - Burn